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Tutorial and tips 
on 3D printing

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Tutorials from the community on 3D printing
How didn't struggle with their first print ? The learning curve of 3D printing is quite steep. But together, we can help each other to make 3D printing more accessible. Dosen't have to be on our product! We can find a lot of tutorials scattered throughout the four corners of the internet, the goal is to put them in one place.  

You want to share your skills and knowledge with the community ? Or if you know a particular tutorial that helped you a lot?  Send us your tutorial (PDF files or link) at : 
Some ideas for the tutorials
-How to make your first print (from plugging the printer to your first 3d object)
-Calibration of the prusa i3
-Calibration of the delta
-Tips to improve the quality of the print
-How to stick the pla to the bed
-Everything I should have known before my first 3D print
​-Should I choose a delta or Prusa i3 ?


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